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favorite ways to display photos and photo album

What’s Your Favorite Way to Display Photos?

Your photo shoot is done and you have actual prints to display! Or you just purchased a really great nature photo print and need ideas on how to hang it. Finding ways to display your favorite photos is half the fun of decorating. Do you go big prints and do a framed art wall gallery? Or are postcard-sized photos pinned to a board more your speed? Is an heirloom album the way to go? Finding the cute items to show off your life snapshots is fun! Here are some of our ideas.

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The Wall Art Gallery:

My Pinterest board has wall gallery templates and ideas if you need more ideas. Also, check out my favorite no-math hack for hanging wall art.

wall gallery photo display ideas amsw photography
Hanging up 4×6 prints?
  • I love using a magnetic board. I live in a climate that makes photos curl up, so magnets in each corner keeps everything pinned down.
  • Do you toss your prints in a keepsake box? There’s something sweet and romantic about sifting through a box of photos. Even better if those prints have a white border to add to that nostalgic look.
  • A fun twine and mini paperclip system is a good go-to decoration. Hang twine or thread from well, anything and clip your photos to it. It’s such a cute way to display photos and can be changed easily.
  • Wood magnetic hangers are a big thing around my house. Everyone loves them. I got a few off Amazon (I like the Falamon and Landmass brands) and I change my prints out regularly. We now have super easy-to-hang wall art in every room of the house.
display photo in wood wall hanger cocoa beach print amsw photography
Magnetic wood hangers make hanging photos ridiculously easy. Oh, and that print of Cocoa Beach, FL? You can buy that at my shop.

Lets’ talk albums!

I love leather albums. Do you remember the scene in Bruce Almighty where Jennifer Anniston is putting photos into a leather album? I love that album! I haven’t been able to find it online, but I did find some beautiful leather albums!

This one is on my To Buy list: Rustico makes all my album wish list items!

favorite way to display photos small leather album amsw  photography
Rustico 4×4 self-adhesive leather album

I also create professional photo albums of my client photo sessions. The albums are beautiful!! Albums can be printed for all occasions, not just weddings. A personal goal of mine is to create my own albums of trips my family has taken last year. It’s such a nice thing to sit back with a cup of coffee and peruse through an album or a photo book. If you want to create your own album, Aritfact Uprising has an easy-to-use system with lovely results.

The album below was printed at my favorite photographer-only print company, Millers Lab.

Ah, the USB drive.
display photos from usb drive amsw photography
Pexagon Tech has been a great USB supplier for us.

Let’s be honest- we all have a usb drive (or a few) sitting in a drawer, with lovely photos on them. The goal is to get the photos off the drive and display them, right? Ok, so you don’t want to deal with that. I don’t blame you! That’s why I offer prints as part of my photo packages-it’s one less thing to deal with. So, if you’ve got a disk, make it work for you. Plug it into your computer and download the images. Open up the drive and click ‘save as’ on your favorite image and make it into your screensaver.

Email them to yourself. Upload your images to Google Drive for safekeeping (more on that later). Save a few images to your phone so you can see them.

Better yet, plug your drive into your tv and let a slideshow scroll through every now and again. Enjoy the memories and get your monies worth out of that usb.

More to come…

I haven’t even touched on canvas, frames, wood prints, or acrylics. I’m going to leave that for part 2 of our favorite products!

Tell me more about what you like in the comments below! What is your favorite art hanging tip? How do you store your photos? What Etsy seller makes super cute photo displays? Let’s make our lives beautiful!

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