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How To Make the Kids Laugh | Christmas Family Photos

I decided to document this favorite time of year with a little photo shoot in our backyard. My mom has been staying with us this year, and will be spending Christmas out-of-state next year, so I took the opportunity while I had it. We actually dressed up a bit (I curled my hair! Put on makeup! Oh my goodness it felt weird!) My kids let me put them in outfits! I was already far too excited about this. Now how to get my tense family to smile…

No head swaps needed! We were too busy laughing

There’s a wall in our yard that is covered with beautiful ivy. I got out my tripod, set up my camera, and set it’s timer for multiple (I mean like 100 at a time) photos. My family hung out until I was certain my camera settings were perfect. Then we all jumped when I said ok. Of course my focus was off. So we painfully waited for the camera to go take all it’s pre-programed 100 photos before it could stop. Then I tripped and fell, and landed on my daughter. We were ok, and after cuddles, kisses, and a little break, we reset. By this point the kids and my husband were feeling pretty done, and no one felt like laughing or smiling.

My husband knew it had been a long time since I’d forced us into photos, reached somewhere deep inside his dad reserves, and started to make the kids laugh. Since it was working, I quickly set the timer again, squeezed us into a group, and listened to my husband whisper “bird poop” over and over. We quickly stifled the giggles, and then he said it louder. Pretty soon, we were roaring with laughter. All bad times were forgotten.

I’d have to say my husband saved the day with his silliness. I have nothing but good memories while editing these photos, and I have to say they are some of my favorites that we’ve taken. I also learned that to make my kids laugh in a heartbeat, and look at my camera, all I have to do is ask them what is on my head. The answer is now, “bird poop…”

Family photos with Grandma
how to make kids laugh during a photo shoot
My sweet kids
We like a digital backdrop every now and then (there was no snow in our yard). And guess what I asked was on my head?

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