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5 Hairstyles For Your Photo Shoot | Spring 2021

5 hairstyles for your photo shoot amsw photography

As a hairstylist/photographer, I’m always paying attention to what hairstyles would look cute at your photo shoot. There’s a lot of choices! Do you go long and wavy, pin it up, pull it back, or try something totally new? Let’s explore that, shall we?

First, Spring and Summer 2021 trends:

  • Getting your roots done. Sounds like a no-brainer right? With all of us in quarantine, we’ve had some fun letting the roots go and seeing just how long you can grow that grey. This will either make you happy with the result (if that’s the case, rock that grey) or you will run to your hairdresser.
  • The Shag hair cut. Personally, I love this. We’re tackling two trends in one, here. Soft pink hair + shag. I love Joel Torres’s style!
  • 70’s bangs. Hillary Duff looks amazing.
  • Curly girls. Let that natural texture out to play. Enhance your curls with texture spray and a little bit of shine serum.
  • Bobs. Straight or wavy, they feel like a clean start.
  • Balayage is still big. It’s the perfect color service for growing out your roots and bringing brightness to your face.

Now that we know we can bring an on-trend hairstyle to your photo shoot, do you?

Honestly, it’s all up to you. As long as you are happy with how you look, your comfort is key. If you are unhappy with how you look, it will show up in your photos. So do what makes you feel confident and happy. Try a few styles and take some selfies to really nail the look you are after.

5 Hairstyles For Your Photo Shoot

1. Long and wavy is classic and timeless. Make sure your color looks great and you feel pretty.

2. Bangs are big right now, but don’t chop your hair just yet. Think this one through. Ask a few friends and ask your hairstylist before you cut. They can help you decide the best shape and sculpt the perfect frame for your face.

3. A bob is up there on the classic and timeless list and looks effortless. It’s the short version of long wavy hair, in that it will always look good, no matter what year you are in.

4. Down with one side tucked behind an ear. It’s such a simple thing that looks great in every photo but we rarely think about it. It gets your hair out of the way, and gives your daughter a place to perch her cheek while you look amazing.

5. Low side pony. Think Joanna Gaines. If you are looking for a softness around the face with a few loose tendrils, yet want the hair out of the way, then I’d vote for this look.

Not sure what works for you? Call your favorite hairdresser and set up an appointment for a styling session! Then have fun playing with new looks. Just remember, stay true to you and land on what makes you the happiest.

Ok, so what about the kids?

Go natural. Just keep them cute and happy. Clean, washed hair, held with a little styling spray to keep things in place, and you are all set. Add a cute little clip or headband, and give them the opportunity to express their own style. As long as the hair is out of the eyes and they aren’t trying to get it out of their mouths, you are good to go.

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