Welcome! I’m Alisha Smith Watkins, light chaser and nature lover.

I’m happy to be here with you! I serve others through photography. I want to help you see the art that is your family, and your life. 

I also love nature photography, and know that we all need a little mental vacation. My art provides that, and is a perfect solution if you need a special artwork, and don’t want it to be a family photo. 

I officially began this business 10 years ago as a “momarazzi” when I took photo after photo of my then-newborn son. My love of editing in Photoshop grew and I developed my own style. Soon friends were paying to take their family photos. My business grew with steady clients. However, life needed change and we decided to move from California to Kentucky. My business shifted focus and I decided to let my love of nature photography grow (Kentucky has actual seasons)!

Random Facts

I’m not a cat lady, even though we have 6 cats. I guess I’m now a cat mom, because I’ve raised them all. Patches here, is the queen bee and has appeared in a few flower photos that I sell.

Max and Sadie are my two rowdy dogs that love us to death, but still love a good yard escape. 

The pets love the kids and with 2 kids and 6 animals (not counting the 11 chickens) there’s always some chaos at my place.

alisha smith amsw photography holding a cat
amsw photography about me

I love a good light flare. Used sparingly, it’s fun to be a little different and play with light.

I’ll drive around and hunt down the light just to find the best place to take a photo.

 There’s something about a light, silky dress that turns me into an earth momma and I just want to be barefoot in the grass.

My fuel: Working out, eating at least halfway healthy, coffee, God, a happy home, and the freedom to artistically create. Did I mention coffee? And sometimes a glass of wine after the kids are asleep. Because, kids. 24/7.

I’m a mom and wife and my family is my everything.

My little sweethearts. My kids are 4 and 11. They are both wild and smart and each other’s best friend. My son is on the spectrum, and we homeschool (we started before COVID). My husband works from home, so we’ve been lucky to have a lot of great times together.

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